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Many families in Orange County automatically associate divorce with pain, stress and trauma. In our experience, when divorce is treated thoughtfully and correctly, it doesn’t have to involve any of these things. At the Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin, we are passionate about helping families go through the transition of divorce with as little stress as possible.

Our Orange County divorce attorney can help you work through the often-sticky issue of custody, property division and support, striving at all times to protect the interests of the children while ensuring you receive what you need to start a potentially exciting new chapter in life. Contact our experienced Orange County divorce attorney for a free consultation.

Resolving Disputes Creatively Can Save Time and Money

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At the Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin, family law is our passion, the same as it has been for nearly two decades. Unlike some law firms in Orange County CA, we put the best interests of the family ahead of profit. If you are looking for help from a compassionate California divorce attorney as you navigate the tricky waters of divorce, we are here to help. Call our offices in Orange County today for a case evaluation.

Divorce Mediation

As a certified mediator in Orange County CA, Hollie A. Lemkin tries to steer divorcing couples toward this option as often as possible. Mediation is the less expensive and least stressful pathway through divorce, and it can often help couples avoid bitter court battles over child custody, property division, etc. We don’t shy away from litigation when the situation calls for it, but we encourage mediation as a first course of action whenever possible.

Children First

For any divorce or family law issues where children are involved, our first priority is to guard the best interests of the children and make sure they are protected. We approach every question regarding child custody, visitation and child support from the standpoint of making sure the children don’t become victims during the family separation process. We fight for our clients.

Options in Divorce

What are my options for filing an action against my spouse to terminate my marriage?

Given the appropriate facts and circumstances, you can file for legal separation, dissolution of marriage (most common) or nullity of marriage if you believe a valid marriage was never formed. Seek the legal advice of an Orange County family law attorney if you wish to pursue legal separation or nullity of marriage and these options are more complicated than a simple dissolution.

Contact our experienced Orange County divorce attorney and legal team to handle your family law needs.

Divorce & Custody

Who gets the kids?

You and your spouse can either agree on a schedule or the court will make a decision about where the children go and when. The court’s decision will be based on ensuring the consistency and stability of the children typically referred to as “Best Interest of the Child”.

What else does the court consider in making a child custody and visitation order?

The court may consider any factor it believes is relevant to the determination, but will most likely look at the amount of quality time each child spends with each parent, if there is any domestic violence involved in the matter, if there is any child abuse involved, who are the child or children bonded to and in who’s care do the children thrive.

Schedule an appointment for a free consultation with our Orange County family law attormey to help with your family law issues.

Cost of Divorce

How much is this going to cost me?

That will depend on several factors such as how much effort you put into the preparation of responses to documents and responses to disclosure of information.

How do I pay my attorney? And where can I get the money to do so?

Each party in a termination of marriage action, most commonly called a dissolution of marriage action, provides that each party has the right to receive funds to be equally represented in the action. Simply put, one spouse has the right to request that the other spouse pay for both parties’ attorney fees and costs. In some, instances a parent who is paying for the attorney’s fees may be ordered to pay for all divorce lawyers fees of both sides.

What criteria does the court use to determine who will pay the attorney’s fees?

The court looks at a multitude of factors. The court considers the need of the party and the ability of the other party to pay. The court also considers the amount of spousal support that either party is paying or receiving. Finally, the court considers the basis for fees from the party seeking the fees.

Contact our law firm at (949) 734-7300 for a free consultation and more information. Our Orange County divorce lawyer is here to help.

What You Can Expect from an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

You might have certain expectations on what to expect from working with an Orange County divorce lawyer based on television and movies or even from friends or family who have been through the process.

In reality, most people aren’t entirely sure what divorce lawyers or law firms do, let alone what separates an adequate attorney from an experienced attorney. Even seemingly amicable divorces can be stressful. Working with an experienced divorce lawyer and Board Certified Family Law Specialist reduces stress, gives you confidence moving forward, and helps you move on to the next chapter in your life.

Here is what a top-rated divorce attorney in Orange County, CA will offer:

Not all divorce lawyers are comfortable taking their work in front of a judge. Most of these lawyers push to solve issues on paper while talking a big game about going to trial. While coming to an agreement outside of the courtroom may be ideal, you want a divorce lawyer who isn’t afraid to argue in court. Experienced Orange County divorce attorneys are not only willing to argue before a judge, but have experience doing so.

It’s one thing to have a family law attorney who returns your calls or sends an e-mail every once in a while, it’s quite another to have one that guides you every step of the way. A professional divorce attorney in Orange County will not only be prompt in responding, but will also provide an objective analysis based on the facts of your situation and the law.
Whether your case goes to trial or is solved outside of the courtroom, your attorney is going to deal with a ton of paperwork. Top rated divorce attorneys in Orange County produce quality paperwork that is concisely focused on relevant facts and the law. From briefs to declarations, your lawyer is tasked with advocating for your needs without infusing unnecessary drama.

Family judges have to read countless pages of legal documents in their cases. They fully appreciate having fact-driven works that get straight to the point.

Preparing for Your Consultation

Before you proceed with a particular divorce attorney in Orange County, you’ll take part in the initial consultation. This is when everyone gets on the same page and determines the best way to move forward. To get the most out of this first meeting, spend some time gathering information about your family’s assets, debts, and overall finances. The more information you can provide, the more specific legal advice your California divorce attorney can provide.

You may also check the lawyer profile in Super Lawyers or find some reviews about the law firm before you you decide whether you want the attorney to get hired. It is important that you know the lawyer’s practice areas and past experiences with his clients.

The divorce lawyer will use the initial consultation to describe the divorce process and what you can expect. This might include estimates on child support or spousal support and possible issues with division of property. Once you officially hire an Orange County divorce lawyer for legal representation, they can go into more detail while developing a plan. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that an experienced divorce lawyer is on the job.

Our Orange County Family Law Specialist

We have been in business for about 18 years devoted exclusively to family law. One of the most rewarding parts of our practice is to watch client’s experience the relief and joy when we achieve a result that ensures that the clients receive the results they wanted. Even better, is when the outcome affects their children.

Contact our experienced divorce lawyer in Orange County, California if you need legal representation for litigation, mediation, child custody and visitation, child support, legal separation, divorce modifications, spousal support, division of property in divorce, and domestic violence.

Litigation When Necessary

When it becomes apparent that a divorce mediation in Orange County, CA is not an effective strategy, we never shy away from litigating in court to achieve the same results. In fact, because we are selective about which cases we litigate, we have one of the highest rates of success among other firms in our region. Hollie Lemkin will fight to protect your rights and the rights of your children, always with the goal in mind to achieve the best possible outcome.


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