How to Best Achieve an Equal Division of Assets During a Divorce

Few people envision that their gorgeous wedding day could somehow result in meeting with an Orange County divorce mediation attorney. When a marriage does end in divorce, it involves extremely difficult discussions and decisions regarding what happens next. One of the most significant elements of these tough conversations involves how you’ll divide assets. While some couples attempt to accomplish this without the help of an

By |August 27th, 2020|

7 Things to Avoid When Going Through a Divorce

With emotions high, assets at stake, and children on your mind, it’s easy for a divorce to be extremely stressful. Additionally, it can be extremely complex when the reason behind the divorce is awful where you may need the help of an Orange County domestic violence lawyer. When you’re not working with an Orange County divorce attorney, that stress is only compounded. While your attorney

By |August 17th, 2020|

Representing Yourself vs. Getting a Lawyer in a Divorce Case

Going through a divorce is considered one of the most stressful and most expensive experiences a person can go through. This is a common experience for the parties involved that are abstaining from hiring an Orange County divorce attorney. By not bringing divorce attorneys into the situation, people feel that they can save money by merely handling the situation by themselves. The question of whether

By |August 13th, 2020|

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