Family Law Practice Areas


Many families automatically associate divorce with pain, stress and trauma. In our experience, when divorce is treated thoughtfully and correctly, it doesn’t have to involve any of these things.

Divorce Mediation

For couples looking for the least traumatic, least expensive path of divorce,we cannot recommend divorce mediation enough.

Child Custody & Visitation

Among the issues divorcing couples must work through, the question of child custody and visitation rights can be one the most contentious.

Child Support

We will work with either mediation or litigation to ensure you receive the appropriate amount of financial assistance to take care of your children’s needs.

Spousal Support

If you are facing the possibility of financial difficulty or are unable to support yourself fully in the wake of a divorce, you may be eligible for some form of spousal support.

Domestic Violence

We believe domestic violence has no place in any healthy family unit, and we will utilize all available legal remedies to protect the well-being of victimized spouses and children.

Property Division

Despite the fact that the state has set guidelines for dividing property evenly between the spouses, the question of how that equal division occurs often raises issues about who-gets-what.

Court Order Modification

As an experienced family law attorney, Hollie A. Lemkin has helped many people navigate the complex process of modifying parental or support agreements.

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