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Even after a divorce is finalized, people go through changes in life and circumstances. When these changes happen, it’s not unusual for child custody, visitation or support agreements to become burdensome or outmoded. Since these arrangements are set in place by a legally binding court order, it requires a modification of the court order to change them. As an experienced family law attorney, Hollie A. Lemkin has helped many people navigate the complex process of modifying parental or support agreements.

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Reasons to Seek a Modification in California

Parents may need to modify their terms of child custody, visitation or child support for a wide range of reasons, ranging from simple life changes to an ongoing issue with an ex-spouse. Some common examples:orange county modification attorney

  • A parent gets a job promotion that relocates them out of state (a “move-away”), making mandated bi-weekly visits impossible.
  • The costs involved with rearing the child have increased and the current level of child support is insufficient.
  • One or both parents find their current half-week joint custody arrangements untenable, and they need to change the schedule.
  • A parent significantly violates the terms of the current agreement (e.g., picking up the child when it isn’t their turn, failing to communicate whereabouts).
  • One parent has reason to believe the other parent may be creating an unsafe home environment for the child.
  • The child experiences a change in developmental needs or shows signs of stress from the current arrangement.

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