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Average Alimony Payment in California (2024) – Calculating Spousal Support in CA

We’re here to alleviate stress and provide compassionate law advice.

May 05, 2024

Temporary vs Permanent Spousal Support California

California has a slightly unique way of doing things...

October 10, 2021

Unique Features of California Spousal Support

Every State in the US has its quirks about Spousal Support. Here…

September 09, 2021

Does Domestic Violence Affect Alimony?

We take domestic violence very seriously. Here's how it impacts alimony.

March 03, 2021

Spousal Support: Temporary vs. Permanent

Variables to Spousal Support you should know today

January 01, 2021

What Goes Into Determining the Amount of Spousal Support

There are lots of variables to spousal support, but it's not a…

September 09, 2020