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The State of California uses a complex mathematical formula for calculating the amount of support a child should receive. You can estimate the amount using the state’s guidelines calculator.The state assigns financial responsibility to each parent using the income shares model, which bases the amount of child support on the monthly cost per child according to what percentage of the total family income each parent makes.

Orange County Child Support Lawyer

If, for example, the non-custodial parent earns 60 percent of the household’s total income, the amount of child support he pays will be 60 percent of the monthly costs per child.That being said, these calculations are still guidelines, and the courts may raise or lower the calculated amounts based on a wide range of factors.

Additionally, parents who go through divorce mediation in Orange County may also agree to child support amounts that are different from the guidelines.Our Orange County divorce lawyer works closely with you in these situations to make sure you are accounting for all the expenses involved in supporting your children. For example, does your child have special needs? Do they need a therapist to help deal with the fallout of a divorce?

How can the Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin help me with my child support case?

A child support lawyer can do the following for you:

  • Assess your case and file the necessary documents
  • Clarify the terms of child support orders
  • Calculate anticipated child support payments
  • Collect and enforce any necessary payments
  • Help with the modification of child support

In general, a child support attorney can enter relevant negotiations on your behalf, and will protect your interests during court proceedings. This is helpful if you feel that you’re at a disadvantage in court, whether it’s because the opposing party has a lawyer, the court is asking you to take some form of parental education, or your circumstances have changed drastically.

orange county child support attorney

If your Orange County child support case crosses different states or countries, having a lawyer is also convenient as they have the necessary knowledge to help you with your case. In a worst-case scenario and you believe you or your child is in danger, an attorney can also help you file for restraining orders and ensure that you’re protected.Overall, by hiring a child support attorney, you’ll get to save time and effort and streamline the process.

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