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Helping Families in Orange County for Nearly Twenty Years

A Client Focused Costa Mesa Divorce Lawyer Who Puts Family First

Whether your urgent legal need is effective mediation of divorce in Orange County, agreement on division of marital assets or lessening the impact of a parental relocation (“move- away”), Hollie A. Lemkin works hard to smoothly transition you and your children to a brighter future.

Our Orange County divorce attorney can help you work through the issue of custody, property division and support. We always strive to protect the interests of the children while ensuring that you receive what you need to start a new chapter in life. Contact our experienced Orange County family law attorney for a free consultation.

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Hollie A. Lemkin responds with the facts you need for wise decisions. This confidential conversation about your legal issues takes place in an atmosphere of candor and comfort. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

Family Law Overview

Whether it’s divorce, child support or working to retain your parental rights, family law will play a direct role in outcome of your case. We can help.

Child Custody
& Visitation

An experienced child custody lawyer, like Hollie A Lemkin, can make a vast difference in the outcome of your custody case.


Whether you are seeking alimony or defending against it, we are prepared to assist with even the most complex cases and will advocate for you every step of the way.


Property division can be a complicated, and potentially frustrating, matter to resolve during a divorce. We handle asset division matters with great care.


Spouses who can amicably communicate and compromise to make decisions, mediation may be a suitable alternative to a traditional divorce.

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Why Should You Choose our Costa Mesa Family Law Firm?

When you’re looking for a family law attorney in Costa Mesa, you want to make sure you hire someone with the proper credentials and experience. Because family law cases in California can get rather complicated, it’s prudent to work with a Board Certified Family Law Specialist. These attorneys are better equipped to get your desired results.

Family Law Attorneys in California can only identify themselves as Board Certified have met a series of requirements:

  • Pass a written examination in their specialty
  • At least five continuous years practicing law with at least 25% of that time working in their specialty
  • Complete continuing education in their specialty area more significant than what is required to maintain their State Bar license
  • Demonstrate comprehensive experience in the specialty area
  • Have favorable evaluations by other attorneys in judges familiar with the attorney’s work in their specialty

Bar Certification in a specialty is not a lifetime appointment. To maintain their certifications, family lawyers must complete continuing education credits and preserve a positive standing in their professional community.

When you work with a Bar Certified Family Lawyer, you know that they have devoted their time and energy to the best in their field. You also know that lawyers and judges familiar with your attorney’s work agree that your lawyer maintains the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and legal knowledge in their field.

Working with a Board Certified Family Lawyer Specialist means having confidence that your attorney is:

  • Highly motivated and dedicated to your case
  • Knowledgeable in all areas of family law
  • Committed to continuing being a better lawyer and continuing their education
  • Dedicated to keeping a positive reputation in their field and community

While all lawyers must be licensed to practice in their respective states, certification is entirely voluntary. Just like some doctors are considered general practitioners, many law firms consider themselves to be one-stop-shops or “full service.”

It comes down to whether you want to work with someone who has general knowledge about your needs or someone who has devoted their life to specialize in a particular area.

Just like you’re going to get a better evaluation and treatment for diabetes from an endocrinologist instead of a primary care doctor, a Bar Certified Specialist is the best person to take care of your needs.

Fewer than 0.5% of California attorneys have reached the level of being a true specialist in their fields. If earning and maintaining certification in a specialty was easy, more lawyers would do it. The amount of work required to reach this level is evidence of your specialized lawyer’s commitment.

The Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin has been exclusively devoted to the practice of family law in Orange County, CA.  We are serving clients throughout Southern California:

Hollie A. Lemkin has been serving clients in Orange County for nearly 20 years and has been recognized as a stunning example of what a Bar Certified Family Law Specialist should be. When it comes to increasing your odds of getting a favorable outcome from your family law case, there’s no one better to work on your behalf than the Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin. Call us to discuss how Hollie A. Lemkin can help you.


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