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For many people, deciding to end a marriage comes with a hit to their standard of living—especially if their spouse has been the primary breadwinner. If you are facing the possibility of financial difficulty or are unable to support yourself fully in the wake of a divorce, you may be eligible for some form of spousal support. As an Orange County family law attorney for nearly twenty years, Hollie A. Lemkin has extensive experience in helping her clients receive the support they need to sustain themselves for the next chapter of life.

orange county spousal support lawyer


California recognizes three possible types of spousal support:

Temporary support—enables a lower-earning spouse to cover expenses while the divorce is in process. Temporary support ends when the divorce is final.

Rehabilitative support—helps a lower-earning spouse gain additional education and job skills until they are self-sufficient.

Permanent support—generally awarded on an indefinite basis, usually reserved for marriages lasting more than 10 years and/or when the lower-earning spouse is unable to enter the workforce. For shorter marriages, “permanent” support typically lasts half the length of the marriage; for longer marriages, it might last until the recipient remarries or until it can be proven they no longer need it.

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