What is at the Core of Family Law?

Family Law is more than just knowing the law. The best family lawyers care about your specific case.

September 16, 2021

It sounds corny, but the reality is, Family Law is all about Family. Whether adoptions or divorce, Family Law attorneys are working within the law to re-shape a family. And it’s with that in mind; the best family law firms are both fierce in the courtroom and compassionate with their clients because family is personal and emotional.


Most family law attorneys spend most of their caseload on divorces. That’s because divorce is so very prevalent in this country. Divorce is traumatic even in the best of circumstances, but let’s be honest, the best of circumstances is pretty rare.

Family law is about putting your family in the best possible position after the divorce is final. This could mean a nuanced child custody agreement, spousal support, or any number of things. The point is to hire an attorney who has worked on numerous cases and has kept up on the latest appellate court decisions.


Along with divorce comes divorce mediation. For some narrow circumstances, mediation is a great way to save money and some headaches. But for couples to qualify for mediation, they have to be able to communicate openly. Compromising with a clear head and open ears is difficult. When the assets you are compromising on are your life’s work, it gets tumultuous quickly. Divorce mediation is a great solution for suitable cases and a horrible solution for the rest.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is something we all need to acknowledge. Sometimes it happens within a marriage; other times, it happens outside a marriage. The law has come a long way in recent decades in regards to domestic violence. It is a crime to hurt your domestic partner. And family law attorneys know the power of documenting any type of abuse. Trusting your lawyer and their expertise has a profound impact on the outcome of domestic violence cases.


Some family lawyers specialize in adoption. This could be direct adoption, domestic or international adoption, or they could simply be on the local courthouse list as an attorney ad litem when needed for adoption. Adoption is a very specific type of law that fits within the wheelhouse of “family law,” but you’ll find many attorneys simply don’t carry those types of cases.

Compassionate Leadership

Every lawyer is different, but the best lawyers are the ones that work with you. That envision themselves in the foxhole with you through whatever comes your way. Family law is emotional, and it should be. When you figure out what is best for your kids, you need to balance using your brain and heart. You need someone who will speak to you plainly when warranted and listen to you with compassion.

Fierce Determination

Family law is not for the lazy. Every new case is like a puzzle to put together. The best lawyers will balance their strategy with all sorts of variables. What are the precedents? Who is the judge? What is the real goal of this client? How do the kids feel about the whole thing? What’s going to be the best trial strategy? What’s the plan B, C, D, E, F, etc., if things go sideways?

Family law boils down to family. And as long as you hire a lawyer that shares your values, you will find some success. Of course, getting every single thing you want is unlikely, but finding a family lawyer that puts your family first is the best start.

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