Telltale Signs of a Bad Divorce Lawyer

This period is tough enough already. Don’t get stuck with the wrong divorce lawyer!

December 16, 2021

Hiring a lawyer is not fun. There are rare instances where you need a lawyer for happy things like a new business or purchasing a home. But when it comes to hiring a lawyer for your divorce or any criminal situation it is simply not fun. You are already in a stressful, deeply emotional state of mind, and now you have to rely on a whole new person that comes with a hefty bill. Here’s a list of signs you can use to avoid hiring a bad lawyer and instead hire a good divorce lawyer:

Sign #1 – Availability

In the South they call this being “too big for their britches” or someone who thinks they are much more important than they actually are. If you call or go in to see an attorney and you are stopped by multiple gatekeepers or you have to wait weeks and weeks to get a face-to-face meeting, move on.

Divorce is deeply personal. It impacts you and your children. You should avoid any divorce lawyer that cannot take the time to speak to you directly about your needs. Some might say the best attorneys are busy winning and need to rely on staff. Let’s be honest, that’s pure hogwash.

Do you think Jeff Bezos had to speak to a Jr Attorney or team member before his divorce? No, his lawyers make him a priority. You should be treated with the bare minimum of respect which is direct communication.

Sign #2 – Mindset

A good divorce lawyer will have a team mindset when it comes to your case. They are supposed to leverage their experience and expertise to get you the best possible outcome. But who decides what the best possible outcome looks like? You do!

If your lawyer is acting like a lone ranger and either not getting or just ignoring your insights, drop them. A great example of this in the divorce industry is a lawyer that focuses on winning at all costs. Winning isn’t everything when your kids are involved. Bad lawyers don’t care about nuance of kids or what’s best for the entire family after the divorce is finalized.

Sign #3 – Automation

There are many divorce attorneys, especially here in Orange County that carry hundreds of cases. They have scaled their business to the point where they put as little effort into each case as possible. They just run down the boxes and push stuff through.

This is a terrible way to process a divorce, especially one that has kids involved. You are not a template. Your divorce requires more than a cookie-cutter solution.

Good divorce lawyers take the time to work with you to better understand your goals. They also take the time to explain their nuanced strategy. You work with them, whether that means multiple phone calls, meaningful meetings at their office, etc. The point is that they are melding all of their experience with your desires to come up with a solution that fits your family.

If a lawyer ever makes you feel rushed or you need to remind them of basic details, fire them.

Sign #4 – Options

Lawyers have a position of trust for a reason. But just like you can fire your doctor, you can fire your lawyer. At any time and for any reason.

If you aren’t feeling good about the way your case is being handled, you have the freedom to pick new counsel. A bad lawyer will push you around and might even lie to you about the fact that you can fire them. Remember, even the best lawyers can’t make guarantees about the results of a case but they can make guarantees about how they handle the case. If a lawyer isn’t taking your calls or paying attention to your needs, fire them on the spot. You will still have to pay them for the work they completed but they can’t bill you for any additional time after you fire them.

How to Avoid Hiring a Bad Lawyer

At the end of the day, a bad lawyer is one that doesn’t care about your case. They are just rolling you through a process without receiving and integrating your input. They might even lie to you or make it seem like they are the only option for you. Here in Orange County there are divorce lawyers everywhere. Don’t fall for the trick that only one person is your solution. Instead, focus on your experience with the lawyer. Are they available on the phone today? Are they listening and remembering what your priorities are? You might have spent an entire marriage being unheard, don’t let your divorce go the same way!

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