Which Divorce Attorney You Hire Directly Impacts the Results of Your Case

Divorce attorneys vary in experience, expertise and passion. Each of those variables impact your case results.

September 09, 2021

Divorce is anything but simple. Especially if your assets are north of 1 million dollars, while it’s true that there are DIY options, your best bet is to hire a passionate divorce attorney. But just flipping through the Google search results isn’t necessarily going to land you the results you are looking for. So let’s dive into different types of divorce attorneys and how they directly impact the results of your case.

The No Divorce Attorney Option

You aren’t legally obligated to retain an attorney to get a divorce in California. And some programs walk you through the process if you and your soon-to-be-ex want to do the paperwork independently.

People that go through a divorce without an attorney are the most likely to have issues down the line. Namely, you could skip a step and end up not being divorced at all. Or, because you aren’t aware, you end up paying way more than you need to.

Low-Cost Attorney Option

There are lots of lawyers that offer “low-cost” or “cheap” divorces in California. They market $199 or $695 or any number and often have the caveat of a “non-contested” divorce. These are your “divorce mill” type lawyers that have a client list a mile long. Their business model is to spend as little time as possible on each case to make a profit. So while you won’t have to worry about skipping a step and still being married like in the DIY option above, you are genuinely getting the bare minimum in support, guidance, and results. Will you be divorced? Yes. But that’s about it.

The General Purpose Lawyer

They’ve passed the CA Bar, and they are legally allowed to represent you in your divorce. They could cost a lot or a little. You might use them for your business or a previous speeding ticket. They might even be a family friend. And the results you get will be as mixed as there are spots on a leopard.

Certified Family Law Specialists

The CA Bar offers a specialization for lawyers that have devoted a minimum of 25% of their practice to Family Law. They have to pass an extra exam and have to get multiple referrals from peers and judges to qualify for this specialty. They also need to keep up with the latest in what’s happening in that specific area of law through more continuing education credits than other lawyers. When you hire a Certified Family Law Specialist, you are most likely to get everything you deserve during your case.

CFLS on the Same Wavelength

The best result for your case to complete with the outcome you will like the most is with a CFLS (Certified Family Law Specialist) that has your values. For example, while you want your lawyer to be fierce in the courtroom, you might also want a lawyer that believes children should never be leverage. If you hire an attorney that is only concerned with a win rate and not with the best possible outcome for your entire family, you might be unhappy with that positive result. You might be talked into a strategy that leaves you feeling yucky.

Divorce Attorneys Directly Impact the Results of Your Case

So as you can see, expertise, passion, and experience play a direct role in the outcome of your case. Remember that the choices made during your divorce will have lasting consequences for you and your family. If you want to speak directly to Hollie A Lemkin about your case, you can call her at 949/734-7300. After a few minutes, you will know whether she’s the right person to take your case.

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