What makes the best divorce attorney in orange county ca for your case?

There are a lot of divorce lawyers in Orange County, how do you choose the right one for your case?

August 26, 2021

Orange County is a gorgeous place to live. For those who have worked hard, sacrificed, and built a gorgeous lifestyle for their families, it is a well-deserved patch of paradise. But, life doesn’t always work out the way you expect, and divorce is, unfortunately, quite common. So how do you nail down the best divorce attorney in Orange County, CA?

Nail Down Your Priorities

“Best” is a relative term, but the smartest way to go about boiling down all your options is to consider what’s unique about your case. Surely you aren’t interested in the best divorce attorney for other people; you want who’s best for you.

Do You Have Major Assets?

If your net worth is north of a million dollars, you should avoid legal aid or other freebie-type resources. Your assets either disqualify you from these programs, or you simply won’t get the help you need. You should also avoid all the DIY options because you can very quickly make a costly mistake. And you’ll end up having to pay a divorce attorney down the road to fix everything. The cheap comes out expensive, as they say.

Is Domestic Violence a Factor?

There are multiple laws to protect victims of domestic violence. For example, California typically avoids forcing victims to pay spousal support to their abuser, and that’s just one example. But claiming “domestic violence” is not a magic wand. You need an attorney experienced in domestic violence cases who can provide the appropriate guidance.

Child Custody

There are oodles of divorce attorneys in Orange County who carry hundreds of cases at a time. They spend as little time as possible checking all the boxes. If you have children, you should avoid these types of lawyers at all costs. Kids require nuance. You want to narrow your list of potential lawyers to Certified Family Law Specialists by the CA Bar.

The Long Game

Some lawyers only think about the win. They will do anything and allow anything to get the big “W.” If you are on that wavelength, you will want to seek out a lawyer who feels the same way. Conversely, lawyers like Hollie A Lemkin consider the long game. She works hard for the best possible outcome for your entire family. She only participates in strategies that allow you to look your kids in the eye after the case is over. Ruthless with the law, not with using your kids as pawns.


Have you ever called a law firm only to be stuck between gatekeepers or forced to fork over cash before ever hearing the voice of the actual lawyer? How did that make you feel? This is another variable to consider. So that you know, not all lawyers act this way. When you call Hollie A Lemkin, she answers the phone herself when she is available. She spends most of her time in her office working on cases, making her available for calls.

Strategy Sessions

Are you looking for someone to “just handle it,” or do you want to be more involved in the process? If you want a lawyer to spend more time on your case and speaking directly with you, you will need to narrow down your list to lawyers that offer that kind of customer service. Some lawyers still think of themselves as working with you, not just for you.

CA Bar

The absolute minimum you should confirm about any possible lawyer is that they are active members of the CA Bar. You can do this by searching for their name on the CA Bar Members Search page. There you will find any additional certifications and, if applicable, any disciplinary actions.

You are the one in charge of choosing your attorney. And to find the best divorce attorney in orange county, ca for your case, you will want to review all of these variables.

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