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While mediation has become a highly popular alternative to contentious litigation in divorce cases, families often need a mediator for many other reasons besides divorce. As a certified mediator, attorney Hollie A. Lemkin is passionate about helping families resolve their differences in a comfortable, non-adversarial setting, often saving them thousands of dollars in the process—and hopefully preventing a few severed ties, as well.

Resolving Disputes Creatively Can Save Time and Money

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Unlike some firms that practice family law, we care more about doing what’s right for families than making lots of money. This is why we always encourage low-cost mediation as a first line of defense in resolving all kinds of family disputes. To learn more, call the Office of Hollie Lemkin today.


When Is Mediation Helpful?

By far, the most common type of family mediation nowadays is divorce mediation—helping separating couples navigate the complicated process of reaching a divorce settlement without going to court. However, a mediator can help with many other types of family disputes. For example:

  • Ironing out ongoing custody issues, visitation issues or parenting schedules even after the divorce is finalized
  • Working out disagreements regarding child support
  • Settling disputes over property division
  • Working out disagreements over elder care
  • Family business succession issues
  • Resolving disputes regarding inherited property


Advantages of Mediation

Utilizing mediation for divorces and other family matters offers many benefits compared to taking one another to court. For example:

  • Considerably lower costs. Mediation usually costs a fraction of the total cost to litigate. (Even when disagreeing parties have their own attorneys, those lawyers take on more of a consulting role in mediation.)
  • Resolves disputes more quickly. Mediation keeps everyone at the same table, encouraging meaningful discussion—which helps them come to resolution faster.
  • Reduces stress and trauma. Courts can be highly intimidating and traumatic; mediation rooms, by contrast, are more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Keeps private matters private. When family members take each other to court, their private disputes become public record. Mediation keeps these matters confidential.
  • Preserves long-term relationships. Mediation helps family members resolve disputes more amicably, giving them a better chance at maintaining relationship after the dispute. Even divorcing couples have more frequent rates of positive post-divorce relationship after going through mediation.


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