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Ms. Hollie A. Lemkin

We have been in business for about 18 years devoted exclusively to family law. One of the most rewarding parts of our practice is to watch client’s experience the relief and joy when we achieve a result that ensures that the clients receive the results they wanted. Even better, is when the outcome affects their children.

My passion to be a family law attorney comes from my family. I am a second generation family law attorney in Orange County, California. From a very young age I listened to my Father discuss his cases at the dinner table. I would read his deposition transcripts in an era where divorce was a fault process. My respect of the court and my client’s comes from the humility and pride of doing a job well done that was instilled in me by my father. I would be proud to represent you to help you achieve your goals in your family law matter. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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