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5 Ways to Negotiate Child Custody With High Conflict Couples

One of the most contentious aspects of a divorce settlement is child custody and visitation rights. It is not uncommon for this to be the one sticking point when it comes to agreeing on a settlement during mediation. An Orange County child custody attorney and divorce mediation specialist can help spouses reach an agreement—even those considered high conflict couples. What Are High Conflict Couples? Anyone who has been through a divorce understands that it is not uncommon for anger, resentment, and blame to come between spouses. The difference between ill-feelings brought on by a deteriorating relationship and high conflict is the depth of these emotions. The entire relationship of a high conflict couple may have been mired in these extreme

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Custody Mediation With High Conflict Couples

In the not too distant past, mediation for high conflict couples was viewed as inappropriate. Bullying, name-calling, and intimidation, while not allowed during the mediation process with an Orange County child custody attorney, had affected one or both spouses to the point that agreements were rarely reached. Fortunately, those times have changed. What Is Custody Mediation? Custody mediation consists of both parents meeting with an impartial third party known as a mediator or facilitator. Through the use of a mediator's skilled negotiating, communication, and conflict defusing techniques, the couple comes to an agreement on child custody. What Are the Signs of a High Conflict Couple? By the time a couple has decided to divorce, months if not years of discord

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How Does Divorce Impact Your Children?

An Orange County child custody attorney has witnessed the brutal impact a divorce can have on children. They have also seen the divorces conducted with the best interest of the children in mind. Let's take a look at what makes the difference.  The Effects of Divorce on Children Every year, approximately 1.5 million children in the U.S. watch their parents go through a divorce. Others live in an unhappy home filled with tension and conflict, but the parents stay together in an effort to protect their children from the negative effects and destabilization divorce can bring.  Research shows that there are benefits and drawbacks to each approach.  The Negative Effects of Divorce A child support lawyer Orange County sees the

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What You Need to Know About Child Custody Mediation

When a couple is going through a divorce, an Orange County child custody attorney can help spouses reach an agreement through the process of mediation. Unlike litigation, the parents, and not a judge, come to terms on child custody and other aspects of the divorce settlement. In most cases, parents are much more satisfied with the outcome as they have reached a mutually beneficial agreement together.  How Does Child Custody Mediation Work? Child custody mediation is a process in which divorcing parents work together to create a parenting plan for their children with the help of a neutral third-party mediator. Instead of a judge ruling on custodial rights, through negotiations and compromise, both parents reach a decision that is in

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Mistakes to Avoid in Custody Mediation

Reaching a child custody agreement can be one of the most combative elements of divorce proceedings. Any Orange County child custody attorney can bear witness to this fact. Both parents are fighting for their rights--where the children will live and who will be responsible for the decisions that affect their lives forever.  What Is Custody Mediation? During custody mediation, parents and a neutral third-party facilitator come together to develop a parenting plan and reach the custodial decisions regarding the children. The facilitator, or mediator, does not help with the decision-making process but creates a safe, nonconfrontational space for communication to occur between the spouses.  While a mediator may point out options that the parents have not considered or address issues

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Child-Centered Divorce: What Do Your Children Need?

An Orange County child custody attorney has seen various types of divorces. From the litigated front lines of a contested child custody dispute to the direct and non-confrontational approach of parents reaching an agreement together, each type affects the children in different ways. Numerous studies show that long confrontational litigated divorces can be particularly harmful to children. On the other hand, parents that cooperate and minimize conflict can help their children get through the divorce process in the best manner possible. A child-centered divorce creates an environment that is best for both children and parents. What Is a Child-Centered Divorce? As the name implies, a child-centered divorce focuses on the children and what is in their best interest. Through every

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How to Break Yourself Free from a Financially Abusive Spouse

Like other forms of abuse, financial abuse is about control. One spouse has taken control of their finances, rendering the other one helpless and under their power. If you feel you may be the victim of a financially abusive spouse, it's time to call an Orange County divorce attorney. What Is Financial Abuse? Financial abuse is an invisible form of domestic violence. Unlike physical abuse that leaves scars, this kind of abuse is subtle—sometimes unrecognizable until significant damage has been done. In many cases, a financially abusive spouse is also emotionally or physically abusive. Narika reported that the number one reason individuals return or stay in an abusive relationship is that the abuser controls the finances. In fact, financial abuse

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Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders 101

In California, there are four different types of restraining orders: domestic violence, elder or dependent adult abuse, civil harassment, and workplace violence. If you are concerned for your or your family's safety and considering filing a restraining order, contact an Orange County domestic violence lawyer immediately.  In this post, we'll cover restraining orders as they relate to domestic violence, including what constitutes domestic violence, how to obtain an order, and what can be done if it is ignored. What Is Domestic Violence? According to California Law, domestic violence occurs when an abuser physically or sexually assaults a victim. It also occurs when a person is threatened, stalked, or harassed. In other words, physical violence does not have to occur for

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Does Domestic Violence Affect Alimony?

Obtaining the services of an Orange County divorce attorney is crucial as California California passed a series of amendments to the Family Code in 2019. These amendments affect the division of assets and the calculation of spousal support in a divorce case with incidents of domestic violence. Let's take a look at how these laws affect the divorce process  California: A No-Fault Divorce State In some states, domestic violence can be cited as the reason for obtaining a divorce. California, however, is a no-fault state, meaning that couples can only cite irreconcilable differences as the cause for their divorce. This means that not only does a couple not have to prove fault, but that fault is not considered by the

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Everything You Need to Know About Domestic Violence and Your Children

Domestic violence is a growing concern in many states in the country, including California. If you’re experiencing this kind of abuse, you should immediately reach out to an Orange County child custody attorney. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that almost 33% of women and over 27% of men in California experience physical violence, sexual abuse, or stalking perpetrated by their intimate partner. Children are frequently the unseen victims of these crimes. While not always physically abused, they are often the target of emotional tirades. Couples may stay together long after they should have gone their separate ways, in an attempt to keep the family together.  Let's take a look at just what domestic violence is and what you

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