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Using mediation to protect children during divorce

Divorce is often harmful for both parents and their children. If divorcing parents do not take great care to protect their children, those children may carry deep emotional wounds for many years, and the parents’ relationships with them may never fully recover. Most likely, you know individuals who still struggle with the emotional baggage of their parents’ divorce, or you may struggle with these things yourself.

How do California courts determine custody in a divorce?

When you're headed toward a divorce, the necessity of that process may be the only thing you and your spouse can agree on. You may both have different expectations for the asset division process and different desires for the parenting or custody arrangements for your children. If you're both seeking primary physical custody, the courts will end up making key decisions about parenting.

Father’s rights help relationships with children after divorce

You love your children. You take pride in being a great father. You enjoy teaching and nurturing your children. Unfortunately, you and your spouse have decided that your marriage will not work out. The two of you have come to the conclusion that it is best to divorce. You know that this is the best thing for the two of you, but you worry about your relationship with your children.

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