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Do you need an attorney to navigate an uncontested divorce?

Many California couples who find themselves at the end of a marriage manage to focus on the future rather than the past as they proceed through this challenging process. Regardless of how amicable a divorce is, it will always be tough. However, agreeing to file an uncontested divorce can limit the trauma for both parties and any children they may have.

Even though a couple chooses not to litigate their divorce, it is advisable for both to retain the services of separate attorneys to provide guidance and support throughout the process. Their legal representatives can assist during settlement negotiations, and while protecting the rights of their clients, experienced divorce lawyers can provide valuable input. If there are stumbling blocks that prevent the spouses from coming to agreements on certain aspects, the lawyers can even arrange for the services of a qualified divorce mediator to facilitate negotiations.

When both parties are satisfied with a draft of the divorce settlement, the attorneys can review it before filing it with the court. State laws will determine whether the presence of the spouses are required in the court for the final hearing. If not, the final divorce decree will be mailed to the spouses to confirm the end of the marriage and the court's approval of the terms of the settlement.

Even though an uncontested divorce is not nearly as traumatic as a litigated divorce, divorcing spouses in California may need support teams. Family and friends can provide moral support. However, support and guidance throughout the legal proceedings can be provided by a sensitive and experienced family law attorney.

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