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Important steps in preparation for a divorce in California

Any person in California who considers putting an end to a marriage will likely know that it is a complicated and emotional process. There will be many big decisions to make, and a divorce will probably bring about significant changes in the lifestyles of both parties. One of the first changes to make is to separate finances by establishing individual bank and credit card accounts for each spouse. The legal process of divorce can also be costly depending on the type of procedure chosen.

The least expensive process is an uncontested divorce, which is suitable for couples who can handle their own settlement negotiations -- or utilize the services of a divorce mediator -- to work out financial and child-related matters. Avoiding litigation can be a significant savings. The next issue to address in advance is health insurance which might fall away for a person who is covered by a spouse's insurance, and if there are any children, their health insurance must also be arranged.

In preparing for a divorce, there will be extensive documentation to gather. This will involve making copies of all documents that relate to financial matters and printing out copies of those that are saved in computer files. Estate planning will need attention, and this will include the review of insurance policies and beneficiaries. Careful consideration will be necessary when allocating child custody rights and establishing parenting and visitation plans.

Divorce is never easy, but if a marriage cannot be saved, there is no sense in putting it off because the process seems daunting. With the support and guidance of an experienced California divorce attorney, all matters can be addressed appropriately. A lawyer can also provide valuable input and answer any questions there may be to ensure post-divorce financial stability and ongoing parent-child relationships.

Source:, "7 Things to Do When You and Your Spouse Decide to Divorce -", Andre Smith, Accessed on Dec. 29, 2017

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