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December 2017 Archives

Divorce, alimony and the new tax law

Couples in California who are thinking of ending their marriage may have questions about the new tax law. Although there has been frequent mention of the implications it will have on alimony after a divorce, it remains confusing. This is because the new law may benefit the spouse receiving alimony, but jeopardize the one paying it.

Child custody negotiations require proper planning

When a parent in California plans to file for divorce, there are many issues that will need careful prior consideration. One of those is child custody, and entering negotiations unprepared may not be wise. Some couples may need the guidance of a mediator and their respective legal representatives to facilitate negotiations, and the help of therapists or counselors may even be necessary. It may also be a good idea to make a list of demands in advance and to anticipate what the other parent will demand.

How does child custody affect my tax returns?

When you and your child's other parent decide to separate or divorce, you face numerous decisions about how you will share the responsibilities and privileges of parenthood. For many parents, negotiating these arrangements is complicated and frustrating. Unfortunately, the emotional weight of dividing up parenting responsibilities often causes some parents to overlook important aspects of these agreements, leaving them unprepared for unpleasant surprises later on.

A separation agreement can form the basis of a divorce decree

When marital problems develop, some California couples carefully consider their options before taking steps that they may later regret. Couples may -- for different reasons -- choose a legal separation before filing for a divorce. One of those reasons is the possibility of reconciliation. They could file for a legal separation, which will enable them to live separately without putting an end to their marriage.

The division of debt in a California divorce can be challenging

When a couple in California decides to end their marriage, one of the primary considerations will likely be property division of which debts may form a significant part. There might be questions about how debt is divided in a divorce, and getting answers is crucial because it could affect post-divorce financial stability. California is a community property state, which means that debts incurred during the marriage belong to both spouses even if only one spouse is named on a particular account. 

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