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Child custody and parenting made easier with downloaded apps

California parents who are planning divorce would likely be concerned about the effect it would have on the children and how they can arrange parenting to cause as little trauma as possible. Shared child custody has become the rule rather than the exception -- except in cases where the court believes that such an arrangement will not be in the best interest of the child. Establishing parenting plans can be quite a challenge, but parents in this generation are fortunate to have a variety of mobile apps available to make separate parenting easier.

One of the available apps that can be downloaded is called SplitWise. This app offers the parents a platform for management of child-related expenses. It tracks the monies spent by both parents, and it could even remind one parent of amounts owed to the other parent.

Chore Monster is an app that both parents can use to assign chores to keep the children in their allotted routines even if they move back and forth between parents. Both parents can keep track of the chores and avoid duplicating those completed at the other parent's house. Logging the chores done at both houses will allow parents to show their appreciation and recognition even if a task was done at the other parent's home.

Parents are often under a lot of pressure to keep their own lives and careers organized, and the added pressure to remember dentist or doctor's appointments, birthday parties, school programs and more could be overwhelming. With an app like Kidganizer, all that additional pressure is removed because both parents can have access and reminders to all aspects of their child's life. With child custody and parenting issues taken care of, the divorcing parents can utilize the services of an experienced California divorce attorney to guide them through property division and other issues.

Source:, "Top 3 Apps That Would Make Co-Parenting Work For Divorced Parents; No. 2 Is A Must-Have", Dianne Francisco, Accessed on Sept. 15, 2017

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