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Determining what is a reasonable amount of child support

Every divorce is unique, just like each marriage is comprised of unique people. Predicting the outcome of a contentious divorce isn't always easy. There are certain factors that have to be considered on a case by base basis.

If you are a father whose wife has assumed custody during divorce proceedings, you probably have a lot of questions. How can you fight for shared, fair custody arrangements? How will custody impact child support? Is it true that the more you make, the more you pay?

If you desire shared custody with your spouse, make sure that your spouse, your children and the courts know that as soon as possible. The truth is that the more evenly time gets split between parents, the less support you may have to pay. Similarly, your income and the income of your spouse can also impact the amount of support.

Factors that impact the amount of child support

There are many things that the courts consider when determining a fair amount for child support. California uses a formula that accounts for several variables. One of them is the number of children. Other factors include your income, the income of your spouse, the percentage of time your children spend with you, if you pay health insurance premiums for your children and any special needs your children have.

Child support needs to be enough to ensure that your children can maintain a normal standard of living and have their social and medical needs met. Clothing, housing, daily meals and even toys or school supplies are all expensive. So is child care if your spouse is working full time. Those with higher incomes may end up paying more in child support to ensure their children have a consistent standard of living.

Child support can impact your custody battle

If you and your spouse can't agree on custody and co-parenting arrangements, the courts will decide on your behalf. To help ensure that you're putting your best self forward, you should always pay your child support in full and on time. While you may hope for more custody and lower support in the future, paying in full now shows that you are dedicated to the best interests of your children. Failing to pay, on the other hand, could show the courts that you are either unwilling or unable to provide for your children. That could have a negative impact on custody proceedings.

Having a stable job and a healthy relationship with your children will certainly help bolster your case for shared custody. The courts typically try to make custody arrangements in the best interests of the children involved. That means that the courts favor shared custody arrangements, in the absence of abuse or other extenuating circumstances.

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