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What If The Kids Got To Keep The House In A Divorce?

In a divorce, one of the biggest issues is the family home. Who will stay and who will go? In most cases, one spouse stays and the other moves out. The children end up being shuttled back and forth between the parents' places, never really getting settled anywhere. 

But is that what is best for the children? An article from the New York Times examines an alternative approach that is increasing in popularity: Letting the kids keep the house.

Bird Nesting Is Growing In Popularity

Bird nesting, or just nesting, is a child custody arrangement in which the children stay put in the family home, the place where they are settled in and comfortable.

Each parent then shuffles in and out, spending a designated amount of time in the family home with the children. On their off-time, each parent stays someplace else, such as a different home or an apartment they rent nearby. This lets the adults take on the stress instead of putting it on the shoulders of kids who may be having a difficult enough time with the divorce as it is.

As the article points out, nesting requires substantial teamwork on the part of the divorcing parents. However, many find it worth it, if not as a permanent solution, then at least as a temporary strategy while the divorce is in progress.

Seeing Past The Limitations Of Child Custody

Perhaps the most important takeaway from the nesting trend is the understanding that child custody arrangements can be flexible. With care, communication and creativity, parents have the ability to reach agreements that truly make sense for them. There is no need to accept one-size-fits-all child custody orders if those orders do not work

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