The Legal Representation You Need When Requesting Or Contesting A Parental Relocation (Move-Away)

The relocation of a divorced custodial parent to another state may be necessary for business or specialized health care services, job-seeking or military obligation.

A "move-away" can also be construed by a skeptical noncustodial parent as a method of putting distance, geographical and emotional, between the child or children and that parent.

Have you decided to request or contest an effort to move a child of divorce away from California? Do your goals exceed the need for a custody and support modification, given your suspicion that your child is being spirited out of the state and out of your life?

Whether or not a petition for a relocation or allegations of parental alienation are legitimate, the experience and skills of a divorce and family law attorney can bring order to this chaos. In Costa Mesa and throughout Orange County, the experienced lawyer you want on your side is Hollie A. Lemkin, founder of the Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin.

Ms. Lemkin is a multi-purpose force for your goals — keeping your family together through recommendations for increased communications via technology, orchestrating a revised continuation of visitation and financial support, and advocating for you in court if a dispute over a move-away requires litigation. She can also play an important role in mediation of your differences, to help you reach a comfortable consensus that works for all concerned.

Our law firm also deeply values "the best interests of the child." To this end, we can assist in developing a long-distance parenting time plan that brings family members closer together, despite post-relocation separation. Hollie A. Lemkin understands your emotional, financial and legal needs, and recognizes the importance of both parents playing prominent roles in a child's upbringing.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your child custody rights, and how you may be affected personally by a move-away. Reach us by phone at 949-734-4788. We respond promptly to all email messages.