Attentive Advocacy For Post-Judgment Modifications And Enforcements

The changes that life hands us don't stop after a divorce is "final." Jobs are gained and lost. Health improves and fails. Children grow and become more self-sufficient.

Any factor impacting custody of a child or support of a spouse, after a marriage ends, can result in a modification of an existing divorce settlement agreement.

If this situation rings true with you and your Orange County family, to the degree that a revision of your settlement agreement is in order, experienced divorce and family law attorney Hollie A. Lemkin can help you — at the Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin in Costa Mesa, serving clients throughout Orange County during her almost 20 years as a lawyer.

By the same token, Ms. Lemkin can apply her broad legal knowledge and understanding of your goals to petition the court for an enforcement of any judgment or settlement obligation that may have been overlooked, regarding a custody of a child and support of a child or spouse or a property division.

If you are a father and non-custodial parent, post-divorce, and a regular payer of support, and lost your job or you were hospitalized after a serious injury or illness, and that circumstance is negatively affecting your ability to continue paying your support obligation, we need to hear from you. If you are a mother and custodial parent, and your job hours have changed, or will take you outside the state with your son or daughter, Hollie A. Lemkin can pursue a modification of child access routines due to a parental relocation or "move-away."

We urge you to be proactive. When you foresee the need for a child custody modification, child visitation modification to scheduling of your parenting time or spousal support modification for financial support of a co-parent, please contact us as soon as possible.

Discuss Your California Post-Judgment Modification

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