Board-Certified Legal Services That Puts Family First

The right family law attorney for you is someone with years of experience, command of case law, talents for mediation, negotiations and litigation — and someone you're comfortable discussing deeply personal issues with.

All of these commendable professional credentials and personal qualities can be found in one person, at one law firm, in Orange County. The Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin is here to help.

As your lawyer, Hollie A. Lemkin listens carefully to everything you tell her. She fully understands what you want for your family. She informs you of facts and options regarding divorce, protects your rights when advocacy in court is necessary, and generally provides a source of strength at a difficult time in your life.

Putting Family First — And Standing Side-By-Side With You, Wherever Your Case Leads

Hollie A. Lemkin is a Board-Certified Specialist in California family law issues such as ending a marriage, child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support, and complex property division. She is highly proficient at formulating solutions specifically tailored to clients' unique situations, and accessing assistance from expert resources during a divorce and post-judgment proceeding.

Are you embroiled in a custody dispute with the spouse you are divorcing? Are significant marital assets and property in play? Are you unclear about the frequency and duration of support obligations? Hollie A. Lemkin answers your questions honestly and thoroughly, beginning with your initial consultation.

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