The Constructive Alternative To Contested Divorce

Contested divorces, especially those involving significant marital assets and those that go to court, are expensive propositions. Court costs, attorney fees, money spent on forensic accounting if hidden assets are involved — it all adds up.

On the other hand, a DIY divorce is rarely a good idea. Divorcing spouses need solid legal support alongside them to ensure that a fair and favorable outcome is possible.

The third choice, a positive alternative that saves money, reduces stress and sets a tone of cooperation for the future, specifically where children are involved ... is mediation. Divorce mediation encourages a free exchange of ideas, control of your own destiny (as opposed to surrendering it to strangers in a courtroom) and collaboration on practical, private solutions rather than airing grievances in open court.

In Orange County, California, the Board-Certified Family Law Specialist who can play an important role in guiding your divorce mediation is Hollie A. Lemkin, founding attorney at the Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin in Costa Mesa.

Ms. Lemkin has shown, throughout her many years of successful divorce practice, that she puts family first. This commitment shines through in every quality legal service she delivers, on the way to transitioning clients to brighter futures. Whether you decide to use mediation as the only means of decision-making for your family during divorce, or opt for litigation of other issues where rights and assets are at stake, experienced family lawyer Hollie A. Lemkin has the versatility to strongly represent you at any of these stages.

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