Recommended Working Responsibilities For Divorced Parents In Orange County

A co-parent's ability to pay affects child support and spousal support. In the past, stay-at-home mothers have been given credit by the court for their role at home. Instead, the father was given more financial weight due to his status as head of household.

However, the definition of "working responsibility" has changed in the eyes of the court system. California family law courts are gender-neutral in most aspects of a case.

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Putting Family First In Support, Custody And Parenting Time Issues

No parent receives special considerations in determining child or spousal support because of gender. Also, it no longer matters who worked during a marriage or relationship — each parent is evaluated individually for earnings capacity.

For example, if one party to the relationship stayed at home and took care of the child or children, he or she is required to provide support for the children and the other spouse. Work history and background will be considered, and income can be used to determine income levels available to pay child and spousal support.

The courts also apply gender neutrality to attorney fees. In the past, fathers had to pay both their legal fees and those of a stay-at-home mother. Today, courts are required to examine other factors, such as, is the father paying child support and/or spousal support, and does the mother have the ability to work. A father is no longer automatically responsible for paying the legal fees for the mother.

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