The Facts You Need About Child Custody In California

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Recent Advances In California Child Custody

In the past, a family court system would issue orders that determine who the custodial parent is — the parent with whom a child should primarily live.

However, since 2011, courts have been required to consider the preference of the child, if the child has reached 14 years of age, when evaluating arrangements for child custody and visitation. As your lawyer, Ms. Lemkin can explain to you how this decision may impact your individual child custody case.

Custodial parents have the most parenting time with the child or children, but are now required to make efforts toward the child developing a closer relationship with the other parent. This requirement is called "affirmative obligation." Improving a relationship that is deficient or nonexistent is now the responsibility of the custodial parent, to the degree that family therapy may be in order. Here again, Ms. Lemkin can explore with you how this obligation affects your specific custody issues.

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