The Role of Mediation in Your Divorce

Perhaps your divorce has been a long time coming; it's no surprise to find yourself finally ready to end what has not been a happy marriage. Even if you've taken years to get to this point, and are both ready to call it quits, divorce is never easy. Your divorce may be the only thing that can bring peace to both parties. Once the decision has been made, the best thing that can happen is to make the end come as swiftly and painlessly as possible. Everyone knows of horror stories regarding divorces that started out to be fairly simple and straightforward, but then turned nasty and ugly. Divorce does not have to take a bitter turn, and end up with an impossible situation. It doesn't have to painfully affect the entire family.

Our legal system allows separating couples to make use of a mediator. Once you have consented to mediation, you will have an unbiased third party who will help to establish the divorce agreement, which may include visitation rights, child support, and property division. Statistics show that mediation has many benefits, one of which includes a higher satisfaction rate with the final settlement. In addition, the cost of the divorce proceedings can be reduced and the process can be quicker with the use of mediation. Divorcing couples should carefully consider whether using mediation will work for them, possibly decreasing the negative impact, time, and cost of the divorce.

It is important to work with an attorney who is skilled in working with a mediator. Hollie A. Lemkin is a family law attorney practicing in Irvine, CA. She is a certified family law specialist, and can handle child custody disputes, high asset divorce and property division. Contact our Orange County office for effective legal help with your divorce.

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