Summer Child Visitation Agreements

Many divorced families may experience situations during summer vacations and holidays that children with married parents do not face. Setting up a child visitation calendar and/or changing current visitation agreements can be very challenging. If there is a disagreement over which parent gets certain weeks or holidays, this can often involve stresses and situations that can be among the most difficult times for a divorced parent. Not being able to agree on a vacation schedule may mean that you are possibly headed back to court with your former spouse, which then involves expensive attorney fees. In addition to the expenses, the emotions of everyone concerned get stirred up all over again.

Child custody modifications are quite common in preparing for summer break. To make sure you have a successful child visitation agreement with successful vacation, holiday and birthday visitations, you need to have a well conceived plan of action. Don't leave legal agreements to the last minute. Make your vacation plans well in advance. To make sure that your child's visitation goes smoothly and as planned, you need to have a good child custody agreement firmly in place, with both parents knowing ahead of time what is expected, and following the directive with the best interest of the child as the goal. Summer truly can be fun and wonderful with great experiences for all parties.

If this summer you will not be seeing your children, or having the time that you feel you should have with them, perhaps you need to re-visit your custody agreement. Plan now to have a new custody agreement in place. Meet with a child visitation lawyer now to set up your summer child visitation calendar. Summer time should be fun and carefree for children. As a child, you don't want to have to have your parents fighting over you anymore than they already have. Give your children a real gift, that of peace in their own family. Put yourself in your kids' shoes for awhile. It can't be comfortable to have parents fighting over what should be a fun and joyous time of the year.

Find an Irvine family law attorney who can assist you in reaching a mutually agreeable child visitation agreement. Rather than going back to court for a long drawn out fight, having the right attorney by your side can result in a happy compromise for all, particularly the child. Reaching a suitable child modification agreement will make for some of those happy carefree summer memories we all want for our children.