Religious Beliefs Can Prevent Divorce

Is there an alternative to divorce? If you are in an unhappy or even dangerous marriage, you may feel you have no choice but to stay married, if your religious beliefs forbid divorce, but you may have an option. Almost no one in America today enters marriage by force; most people begin their wedded life with optimism, love and hope for a beautiful future. However; marriage is not easy, it can be quite difficult for some. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances may enter the situation and create havoc. People change, environments become challenging, and sometimes there are things that just can't be worked through.

What do you do if this is your situation, but your religion is against divorce? A legal separation may be the best course for you. You do not have to live with a loveless, possibly dangerous marriage. There may be numerous factors which prevent you from divorcing, but many couples do not know about the possibility of a legal separation as an alternative to divorce.

While a legal separation is handled in much the same way as a divorce, which ends the marriage, a legal separation has a different outcome: you are still married. What exactly is a legal separation? Legal separation is the result of the court order which states that a couple is no longer cohabitating and that they have reached agreements involving the marriage. This means that both parties have agreed to the arrangements for things such as any child custody, child visitation, or child support, in addition to possible spousal support or alimony. Other items to reach agreement upon and be included in the court order would be distribution of property, attorney fees, and personal conduct.

In a legal separation both parties remain married to each other. It is important to note that people who are legally separated are not allowed to marry another person. If you are considering a legal separation, because of religious reasons, or are wondering if a divorce would be the way to go, you will need to consult an attorney who can inform you about your particular divorce or legal separation matter.

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