Post Divorce: Brave New World?

If you are in the midst of a family crises, you don't just need an attorney, you need a counselor, an adviser and a caring listener. This will most likely be the most difficult time of your life. Knowing what to expect and how to best proceed will make the transition a little easier. You may be facing things you've never encountered before, and do not know the first thing about what to do next.

Things such as paying bills, keeping up a checking account, or managing your debit card may all be new territory. There will be so many new things to deal with, you will need to have proper guidance and assistance. The right Orange County family law attorney will help you solve issues ranging from finding housing and researching health insurance for minor children to locating day care providers and therapists. The list of things to deal with can seem overwhelming.

Once you have made the decision to get a divorce, or marriage dissolution, you learn that is just the first decision to be made. A myriad of other important questions soon follows:

* What will happen to the family home?

* Where will you live?

* What are marital assets?

* Will you receive alimony, or will you have to pay?

* Will there be joint custody of your children? Will they have to change schools?

There are so many complex issues to deal with during a divorce. Perhaps your spouse handled most business and money issues, and you really don't know anything about your finances. Your Irvine family law attorney will go through all of your assets, and determine if perhaps some things are being hidden from you. Think your spouse would never hide anything from you? Think again, it's much more common than you may realize.

Your spouse may have caught you completely unawares, but they may have been planning this for some time. Particularly if you are a stay at home parent, with the other spouse bringing in the income, and being in charge of the finances, you may really be completely unaware of your true financial situation. Things may be much better, or much worse than you know. It is not uncommon for a spouse to have opened up a separate bank account to begin to siphon off money, and begin to prepare for their new life. Now, it is time for you to prepare for your new world. It's the time to be brave.

Knowing that you have an Orange County family law attorney who has the experience and compassion necessary to help you in this difficult and complex divorce will help make the process less painful Your new world will certainly be different, but it doesn't have to be horrible.

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