Our New White Paper Explains California Spousal Support

Will you be able to continue living the same lifestyle after divorce? Could spousal support be an issue in your divorce? Are you worried that the numbers on a tax return may not truly represent what a spouse earns?

Spousal support ensures that neither spouse is left destitute. It provides a mechanism to equalize income when there is a disparity. California § 4320 provides numerous factors that go into deciding permanent spousal support. The analysis is much more than simply plugging numbers into a Dissomaster report.

We recently prepared a white paper that shares more information about how California judges decide permanent spousal support. For permanent awards, a judge cannot use a Dissomaster report and must analyze 14 factors in setting a just amount. In our white paper: "Beyond The Numbers - California Spousal Support" we explain how factors that cannot easily be quantified - domestic violence, for instance - can affect spousal support. You will learn more about:

  1. The length of time a spousal support obligation might last
  2. What the § 4320 factors are and their affect on permanent spousal support
  3. Why you might need to look beyond income figures and request a vocational examination or forensic accountant review

If your marriage lasted more than 10 years, you must ensure that permanent spousal support set at the time of divorce is as fair and accurate as possible. Later modifications are extremely difficult to obtain.

We recognize that when you are considering divorce it is a tough, emotionally charged time and you may not know where to turn for answers. With that in mind we've created an easy-to-understand SlideShare overview of our white paper. We hope the information will provide you with answers and a starting point.

How To Obtain A Fair California Spousal Support Award

To read the full white paper, please visit our white paper page. After you learn more about the basics, seek the counsel of an experienced family law attorney to ensure your rights are protected throughout the divorce process.