Jolly Christmas, or Time for Divorce?

Christmas is the time to celebrate good friends, family and happy times, right? But what if that isn't the case for you? Contrary to the happy scenes on TV and holiday cards, it isn't always a joyous happy season for everyone. Indeed, this festive season is often when many couples begin to think about separating, or have already made the decision, but are waiting until the holidays are over to tell the children and their families.

In many cases Christmas seems to be a catalyst for separation or divorce. January is most generally the month where there are more divorce inquiries than at any other time of the year. What can be the reason that so many couples start to consider divorce over Christmas or very soon after?

One reason just might be the fact that we spend more time together during the holidays, which can escalate any issues which are already in the marriage. Many couples stay very busy throughout the year and don't spend too much time together as a family, perhaps purposely. With the Christmas holiday, they are spending much more time together, which can be difficult. Throw in some friends and relatives into the mixture, and stress and annoyances may boil up and come to the surface. Just trying to "keep it all together" and make a picture of a happy family can add to an already stressful situation.

If you find that you are just holding it together until January 2 2013, you should be preparing to speak with an attorney to make a determination of what will be best for your family. Perhaps a legal separation with the goal of reuniting is the answer. Or, sadly, you may know there is no way other than divorce. Either way, you need the advice of a qualified family law attorney to guide you through the process. This will be a difficult time in your life; you need a caring and compassionate attorney to assist you and your family through this transitional period. At the Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin, we walk our clients through those challenges before, during and after a divorce.

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