Is Private Judging an Option to Consider?

As the dockets in the California trial court system are flooded with family law cases, private judging is becoming more and more popular. With state cutbacks come unexpected consequences: closed courtrooms, and furloughed state employees, resulting in less time for cases to be heard. If you think you are saving costs by having a public hearing, you may want to reconsider. You could actually end up paying more in the long run in comparison. Private judging is often more efficient and cost-effective than public hearings.

Benefits of Private Judging

Compared to public courthouses, which are backed up with caseload hearings and can take six months or more, a divorce case handled outside of a public courtroom can be done in one week. For example, if you are seeking a divorce and go before the public court system, you initially may pay less. However, there is down time between hearings. Time between hearings is often weeks and months. All the time between hearings costs money. Every time you go back to court, there are extra hours spent preparing for the hearing and re-education of the case. Time is money and the longer your case runs, the more money you will ultimately spend. In addition, private judging can protect the privacy of the litigants. If your divorce lawsuit is turning out to be ugly, with accusations flying from out of nowhere, this may be an alternative to consider. Your case will not be part of the public file of the court.

Time Is Money

With private judging, you may initially pay more. However, there is no down time and no additional preparation time. Since you are paying for a judge's time, there is flexibility. The entire case can be heard in one week and during any week of the month. You will usually be in a conference room with back-to-back days of hearings. In the long run, you may end up paying less money for your divorce or other family law matter, such as custody agreements or modifications. The whole process can be more streamlined and efficient.

Overall, private judging benefits include:

Efficiency: case can be done in one week
Flexibility: you can schedule the hearing for when it works best for you
Cost-effectiveness: costs can often be less in the long run
Confidentiality: the matter is kept private
Quality: you can decide who will personally preside over your case

Private judging is something to be considered if you want to have your case heard quickly, with fewer delays and possibly less expense. Contact the Irvine, Ca Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin today for a consultation regarding using private judging in your divorce and to make a plan for the rest of your life. Hollie will work with you and guide you through this painful and difficult time. Call 949-734-4788 to schedule your initial meeting. Hollie is a Certified Family Law Specialist with offices in Orange County, California.