Fathers and Child Custody Disputes

While the courts seem to favor granting custody to the mother in a child custody dispute, that is not always the case. In years past, it was generally assumed that the mother was the one best suited to having full or primary custody of the children, but that assumption is changing. If you are a father involved in a divorce where child custody will be an issue, you will be best served to have an attorney representing you who has experience and who has helped other men in these types of cases.

In a recent Orange County case, the male client had almost given up hope of gaining custody of his children after his wife made numerous allegations regarding his parenting ability. After an investigation of the situation, it was demonstrated to the court that the mother had neglected to protect the best interests of her children. It was further proven that the male client provided the majority of the children's daily care. The result of the case was that the father won full custody, an almost unheard of victory for a father in a custody dispute.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is imperative that you carefully follow the advice of your child custody dispute lawyer. As a male, it is extremely important that you do not appear hostile or aggressive. Be as civil as you can be, demonstrating your ability to set a good example for your children. Yelling, screaming, and shouting will only hurt your case, and may feed into the other side's goal of showing you to be an inappropriate parent. You will more than likely feel anger at different times throughout the divorce and custody process, but staying in control is the best option and will help your case immensely.

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