Effects of Divorce on Children

If your marriage is not working out, and you and your spouse are considering divorce, you must think about the possible mental and emotional effects a divorce may have on your children. Next, you must determine how you are going to cope with the possibly devastating aftermath of life after divorce. It is well known that although the causes of divorce may be very diverse, the negative psychological effects of divorce on children are well documented. This is something that must be taken into consideration before proceeding with the marriage dissolution process.

With properly planning of your divorce proceedings, it is possible to ensure that your children are spared most of the negative effects of divorce from the start. Just going through the process of divorce will more than likely bring a lot of stress to everyone involved. Knowing of the potential stress this has on small children and adolescents ahead of time, you can begin to prepare the entire family for the change which is to come.

Often times, children lose faith in the institution of marriage, and feel abandoned. It is unfortunately fairly common for children to feel depressed at the prospect of losing their family as they have known it. They may also develop apprehension and fears about what their life is going to be like after the divorce. You may see changes in your children, such as doing poorly in school, making poor choices in friends and unsafe behaviors.

As part of your divorce planning, it is important for parents to instill confidence in their children so that they know they will be taken care of, and are loved and supported by both parents. While there is generally a sense of sadness and failure associated with divorce, positive effects can be derived from a properly handled dissolution of marriage. Handling this sensitive period in a mature and planned way can help children emerge out of the process feeling less victimized and hopefully looking forward to their new life as a child of divorced parents.

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