Divorce – Your New Reality

Divorce. A word you never thought would pertain to you. And now, it's the only thing that keeps repeating itself in your head. Divorce. It's your new reality. At one of the most difficult times in your life you need the best advocate on your side. What you need is a knowledgeable attorney who knows about the law, is compassionate with you; the client, and is passionate about the profession. You need an attorney who will be on your side. Your attorney needs to understand that this is a very emotional time in a client's life when they need attention and understanding.

Your new reality may include things which you never have thought about before: things like a budget, paying the bills, opening a bank account. Can your attorney advise you on how to do these things? Will your attorney take the time needed to make sure you completely understand the "new normal"? Your divorce lawyer should do all of these things, and more. You need someone who will have a practical approach to divorce-related issues.

Divorce can be one of the most difficult events a person may go through in their entire life. Feelings may range from fear, to anxiety, anger and confusion. However; you must nonetheless plan a new future, navigate an unfamiliar and complex legal process and manage daily life while learning new life skills. In addition, you may have to find housing, learn to live on far less than you did previously, or even go to work after a long absence from the work world. Your attorney will do more than just the basic court appearances and settlement issues. You will rely on the counsel that is provided on many intimate and important issues: your children, perhaps, or your financial future.

Having a divorce attorney who you feel is trustworthy of your most personal information is vitally important to you ending up with a positive attitude regarding your divorce. Maybe it isn't your choice, but it's for the best. It must be done with respect and dignity. Choose your attorney carefully. You will be working side by side on some of the most important issues of your life. Contact the Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin today for a consultation and to make a plan for the rest of your life. Hollie will work with you and guide you through this painful and difficult time. Call 949-734-4788 to schedule your initial meeting. You'll be glad you did.