California Divorce: From Devastating to Done

You may never have thought that you would be discussing divorce. The thought of needing a divorce attorney may have never even crossed your mind. This was for better or worse, but now the worst has happened: You've been asked for a spousal separation. A California divorce or separation can be a complicated and devastating experience. You may have been taken by complete surprise when your spouse told you that he or she wants a trial separation or even a divorce. Or, what may be even worse - you arrive home one day after work to a completely empty house, just a note on the counter, and your spouse and children suddenly gone. You are in shock, and don't know where to go, who to call or what to do next.

However; your spouse may have retained an attorney and has been secretly receiving expert legal advice over the past several weeks or months. You are way behind in the legal process, and you didn't even know you were in the legal process! Now you realize that your spouse has moved or transferred numerous assets. They have been hidden or moved over a period of time. Perhaps another residence was set up, using the help of a divorce attorney who is intending to start a child support lawsuit. Not only have you been caught totally unawares, you don't know the first thing about what to do or how to proceed. Just thinking is difficult at this point. First things first: you need an attorney well versed in California community property and divorce. You are going to need to get up to speed, fast.

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