A Non-Contested Divorce : Do it Yourself?

Just like it sounds, an uncontested divorce is a divorce which is aimed at avoiding much of what makes many divorces the subject of nightmares: hostility, anger, and lengthy court battles usually associated with a difficult divorce. However; in an uncontested divorce, the issues are agreed upon ahead of time by the spouses. This is usually best done with the help of a lawyer and/or a mediator. An added benefit of uncontested divorces can be the lower cost. Additionally, uncontested divorces are usually resolved efficiently and in a timely manner, as well as having the added bonus of being much more private, which is another factor many couples should take into account.

Most people would think that the divorce process falls into two categories -highly contested and emotional court battles, and relatively simple divorces requiring little more than the completion and signing of a few forms. In reality, most cases fall somewhere in between these two scenarios. Many couples can often agree on some or most issues and have just a few outstanding issues. If you have come to an agreement with your spouse regarding most or all issues involved in your divorce, you may be considering a do-it-yourself approach. Is this the wisest choice? Perhaps not.

Many times, divorcing individuals have agreed ahead of time on most of the majority items, but there are still some concerns about making errors or missing options and opportunities. Perhaps you need help resolving a few issues. Using a non contested divorce attorney in a situation like this can be invaluable. The attorney will work with you to handle the paperwork, troubleshoot and avoid problems, examine angles and options, resolve specific disputes and provide counseling. For a low fee and carefully controlled costs the law firm will work to expedite your case, resolve challenges and help create an agreement that effectively addresses issues including child custody, child support and spousal support and property division. For more information regarding our firm and uncontested divorce, contact the Law Offices of Hollie A. Lemkin. Hollie will guide you through the divorce process in an efficient and timely manner, helping you to avoid the pitfalls that may occur were you to do this yourself.

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